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Five by Five Fiction Challenge

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Five by Five is a multifandom fiction challenge and prompt community. Created in the spirit of other challenge communities, Five by Five aims to be an active, low-pressure community that encourages its members to write, and gives them an arena in which to do so.

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The purpose of Five by Five is to write five sets of five fics. These sets may take place in different fandoms, or all in the same fandom, but the fics within each set should be linked - whether by fandom, character, relationship, or something else is up to you.

To begin, you must join the community, and choose five areas in which you wish to write. It is recommended that each area be in a different fandom, but that's completely up to you. These areas may be as broad (eg. general fandom) or as narrow (eg. one particular character) as you wish.

After you have chosen five areas, you should choose a set of prompts for each. There are fifty prompt sets to choose from in total, so you should be able to find something that inspires you.

Once you've chosen your areas and prompts, post here to claim them. There is no limit on how many people can claim the same fandom, character, etc. You don't need to wait for your claim to be approved; once you've staked your claim, you can begin writing as soon as you like.

To post your fics, you should use the following template:

Word Count:

Please tag all entries by fandom. If the tag for your fandom does not yet exist, you can ask for it to be created here.

The minimum word count for each fic is 100 words. There is no maximum word limit. Fics posted directly to the community should be placed under a cut, otherwise you are free to link back to en entry in your journal. Please don't disable comments, but if you would prefer to receive comments in your own journal, feel free to say so. No entries should be friends-locked (including entries in your own journal if you've included a link). Each fic should be posted in a separate entry.


#1Touch Smell Sight Taste Sound
#2Earth Air Fire Water Spirit
#3Dawn Daylight Sunset Evening Midnight
#4Hours Days Weeks Months Years
#5Who? What? Where? When? Why?
#6First Last Pain Pleasure Death
#7Dreams Nightmares Thoughts Feelings Memories
#8Family Friends Lovers Enemies Strangers
#9Beginning Middle End Inside Outside
#10If And But He She
#11Black White Red Green Blue
#12One Two Three Four Five
#13Hearts Clubs Diamonds Spades Trumps
#14Blood Sweat Tears Spit Bile
#15Love Hate Power Anger Lust
#16Envy Greed Sloth Gluttony Pride
#17Past Present Future Forever Never
#18Vengeance Resurrection Satisfaction Desire Redemption
#19Hero Villain Monster Loyalty Betrayal
#20Truth Lie Secret Myth Destiny
#21Dead men tell no tales Blood is thicker than water All's fair in love and war A rose by any other name Better the devil you know
#22Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Something Blue Once More With Feeling Normal Again Chosen
#23Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll Pretend We're Dead The Honeymoon Is Over Ever Fallen In Love A Life Less Ordinary
#24Scooby Snacks Cornflake Girl The Leaving Song You Make Me Feel Like A Whore And Your Bird Can Sing
#25Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition Something Wicked This Way Comes Nothing Here Is What It Seems Talk Dirty To Me Mr. Pointy
#26Alpha Beta Omega Epsilon Pi
#27Sun Moon Earth Mars Venus
#28Spring Summer Fall Winter Seasons
#29Shiny Sparkly Fuzzy Fluffy Kinky
#30Coffee Cream Water Wine Tequila
#31Doppelganger Delirium Paradox Continuum Luck
#32Illusion Vision Premonition Hallucination Fantasy
#33Torture Disguise Espionage Bluff Interrogation
#34Phoenix Cyclops Rogue Mystique Juggernaut
#35Raison d'etre Deja vu Je ne sais quoi C'est la vie Coup de grace
#36Droit du seigneur De rigueur Faux pas Fait accompli Menage a trois
#37Tempest Eclipse Meteor Flood Disaster
#38Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas New Year Valentine
#39Orientation Examination Homecoming Prom Graduation
#40Truth or dare Spin the bottle Strip poker Seven minutes in heaven Murder in the dark
#41Fairy godmother Glass slipper Magic wand Prince charming Awaken with a kiss
#42Through the looking glass Down the rabbit hole Queen of Hearts Un-birthday Wonderland
#43Metamorphosis Sleeping Beauty Earth Girls are Easy French Connection Groundhog Day
#44Boys will be boys Butterfly effect Anywhere but here Til human voices wake us And the rest is silence
#45Gravity Relativity Friction Inertia Evolution
#46Break for me Into dust Hyperballad Popular The unguarded moment
#47Smile like you mean it Can't get it out of my head Debaser Pretty Vacant California
#48Leader of the pack Love potion #9 Am I ever gonna see your face again? Modern love Sympathy for the devil
#49I don't want to spoil the party Please please me Revolution You know my name (look up the number) Cry baby cry
#50It's the end of the world As we know it I feel fine Orange crush Shiny happy people

To post your own fic table in your journal, you can use the following code:


150_comms 5drabbles 2x5obsessions 10_hurt_comfort 7musicalmuses potc_love 11_reasons mix7fics mixpotions 50scenes pyramid_dares fandom20 over_look ficalbum 10_what_ifs 20_1sttimes 20_est_relships 13_fears 10_quotes galorechallenge crossovers50 yaoi_manga100 ficmix patsy_challenge remixy_things fic_episodes onetreehillfic lorelai_decaf everyfandomfest 10vocablibrary 7x7vocablibrary gen_drabble 10iloveyou xoverland mixtape_13

If you would like to affiliate with us, comment here with a link and we'd be happy to add you.